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Art/artists that resonate… [this page will be updated]

Header photo for this blog: Photo by John Oughton; this is a real street sign in Toronto, in the Eglinton/Yonge area.


I’m a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work and had the opportunity to visit Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona a couple of years ago.

Here are some previous blog posts, featuring architecture of places I’ve visited and my hometown (Toronto, Ontario, Canada):

2013-11-20 20.43.23
Angel Over the City, Jennifer Hosein

Paintings & artists:

  • Angel Over the City (Jennifer Hosein)
  • Boy (Jennifer Hosein) – this image appears on the cover of Brandon Pitts’ play Killcreek
  • I and the Village (Marc Chagall)
  • Mona Lisa (Leonardo Da Vinci)
  • Illustration/animation by Patrick Jenkins
  • Pretty much anything by Frida Kahlo
  • On Some Faraway Beach (series by Blair Sharpe)
  • The West Wind (Tom Thomson)
  • Starry Night (Vincent Van Gogh)
  • Two Women Running on the Beach The Race (Picasso)
  • Self-portrait work by Lisa Anita Wegner


Some other local artists I dig:

Photographs & photographers:

  • Siren is my favourite of an ongoing series of black and white cemetery sculpture photographs by Pamela Williams
  • Lisa MacIntosh does incredible portrait work
  • Rod Pizarro did my head shot several years back, and takes awesome concert pics and candid shots
  • Just saw Jacqueline Benyes’s luminous landscape/architecture work in the Contact Photography Festival
  • Dahlia Katz does amazing event and theatre production work
  • One in Ten Words is a music blog, featuring awesome concert pix by John Ordean

Graphic & web design:

Got this link from my pal/co-worker Brenda Sharpe, who writes the awesome cocktail recipe blog 4:00 DCT (Delicious Cocktail Time) – it made me laugh out loud and gave me flashbacks to my days in art history lectures while I was doing my BFA at York:

I and The Village, Marc Chagall
On Some Faraway Beach #17 – Blair Sharpe
Two Women Running on the Beach The Race – Picasso

2 thoughts on “Art & design”

  1. Hi Cathy, Jacqueline Benyes here : ) thanks for tweeting about my Photography Installation at 1 Queen East, that tweet was so sweet : ) : ) : ) I took a screenshot and thanked you on my facebook page and tried to find you on FB but couldn’t, feel free to send me a friend request and thank you again for going and sharing the info. You’re a doll!

    xox Jacqueline

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