Amen, sister

My Alum pal PJ asked me to post a piece she wrote on the Alumnae blog. Truer words…


My big fat weekend of theatre

Found myself with a three-day weekend – and attending three amazing pieces of theatre: check it out (coincidentally, one of the shows I saw was The Long Weekend at the Village Playhouse – though my weekend it wasn’t nearly as hilarity-filled as that in the play).

Check out the blog on my other blogging gig for Alumnae Theatre Company:

And now for some healing theatre

Hey – so still healing after last Saturday’s roller skate spill, and happily heading to York Woods Library Theatre tonight to see Alumnae pal, the lovely and talented Andrea Brown, who is starring in the Alexander Singers and Players production of My Fair Lady.

Also just learned that another Alum pal, who (like Andrea) I also met doing Lady Windermere’s Fan, Andrew Batten (lovely and talented too, for a guy) – is currently performing in The Long Weekend at the Village Playhouse.

BTW: the music this past week was amazing! Shelley Hamilton’s variety show Grace at Revival Bar on Monday and Kira Callahan and the Big City Big Band at Hollywood on Thursday – so great. If you ever get a chance to go out and hear these gals (also lovely and talented), do it!

Life examined on stage

One of the things I love about theatre is the examination of life and the world around us it provides – and the universality of personal experience.

This past Friday/weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing two thoughtful and entertaining pieces of theatre (one of them twice, as I covered both opening night and the talkback matinée of the Alumnae production): GuineaPigging by Catherine Frid (Alumnae Theatre Company) and The Time of Your Life by William Saroyan (Soulpepper).

For my take on GuineaPigging, please see the posts from Saturday and today on the Alumnae blog: GuineaPigging runs on the Alumnae main stage until Sat, April 30.

As for The Time of Your Life, here’s the first couple of lines of playwright Saroyan’s prologue: In the time of your life, live – so that in that good time there shall be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life your life touches. Seek goodness everywhere, and when it is found, bring it out of its hiding- place and let it be free and unashamed.

Wow. I wish I’d written that. Written and set in 1939, the play’s portrait of social change, hard times and the human response to life’s challenges are still so relevant to today. And Joe, the central character played with love, strength and vulnerability by Joseph Ziegler, is the play’s agent of goodness.

An excellent – not to mention large – ensemble cast, with stand-out performances from Ziegler, as well as Derek Boyes, Kevin Bundy, Stuart Hughes and Karen Rae. A honky tonk microcosm of humanity, with the audience watching as life passes through and Joe works to make amends for his ill-gotten gains by doing good with his time and his money.

This was a truly inspirational piece of theatre. Check for dates and details.

New Ideas wrapped

Hey all – check out my recent post on the New Ideas Festival week three reading:

As I mention in that post, I got to see Two Weeks in Normandy a second time. Photo courtesy of playwright David Nicholson: Derek Perks and Linzee Barclay.

Re sexy moments in that play: Lovely chemistry between these two actors. And, I gotta say, I seriously loved actor Derek Perk’s lead-in to that kiss (and this coming from me). I’ve definitely gotta try that sometime.