Theatre stuff this weekend

Loving and working in the theatre is very much like being in the mob: you can’t quit.

Found myself talking about, thinking about, working on and otherwise attending the theatre a lot this past Friday night/weekend – from telling a new friend about my play Over the Lips over coffee on Friday night, to going to see friends in a production of Real Estate at the Village Playhouse on Saturday night, to prepping a package to submit Over the Lips to Clean Sheets (in Vancouver) on Sunday. Just. Can’t. Get. Away.

Oh well – there are worse things to be addicted to, I guess.

Check out my recent post on Real Estate on the Alumnae blog:


Surreality show @ Alumnae Theatre

Hey – In light of the more sobering news of the past week, I decided to hold off on posting about Alumnae’s Stoppard one-act shows (After Magritte and The Real Inspector Hound) opening till this morning.

See the Surreality show post on the Alumnae blog:

Also check out the opening night review from the Mooney on Theatre website:

Drama behind the scenes

For those of you in theatre, film or t.v., you’ll know that a lot of the drama happens backstage or off-camera.

The set designer and production team for Alumnae’s two one-act Stoppard shows – not to mention some of us on the painting crew – got a good dose of drama this morning when set designer Marysia Bucholc returned to the set to discover that something had gone horribly wrong with the glaze on the floor.

Basically, it dried very unevenly – and in some cases, left a milky white film all over the place. So she’s in the process of re-doing the floor. Unfortunately, those of us who helped last night (including my friend Lies – and we were there till a bit after 11 p.m.) are unable to help out today – but when I called Marysia (after receiving an emergency phone call from producer Lynne Patterson), she had already re-done the base coat, had folks on the way and would be okay.

So now we may have to go back to do some odds and ends on Wednesday night, as we’ve lost time today on re-painting and re-lining the floor.

Off to help my friend, director Kerri MacDonald, with her New Ideas audition this afternoon – then meeting two friends for I Furiosi’s concert tonight. They’re an amazing, edgy baroque ensemble – check out their website:

Great weekend all!

Busy times

Hey all. From time to time, I’ll be copying posts from my other blog writing gig: Alumnae Theatre Company’s blog. Check it out sometime:

Here’s today’s post:

Bloggergal is going to need her Wheaties over the next few days, chickens.

I’ll be meeting up with Magritte/Hound set designer Marysia Bucholc and painting crew to paint the set tomorrow. And, due to scheduling issues – with the build, rehearsals and a film shoot rental – we’ll be doing most of the set painting tomorrow night (just one week before opening!). Never a dull moment, let me tell ya.

Saturday, I’ll be acting as audition reader, along with Dinah Watts, for a New Ideas play: Summer’s End (by Francine Dick, directed by NIF co-founder Kerri MacDonald).

Also, I’ve been in touch with NIF Producers Pat McCarthy and Brenda Darling, as well as Marketing Director Tina McCulloch, about a new idea for NIF rehearsal blog coverage. My plan has yet to be confirmed with a couple of other folks involved, so more on that later.

And, during all of this, I’ve been in contact with Ed Rosing – who is designing set #3 for the season (our final show Guineapigging) – about the possibility of helping him with painting that set.

Who was it who said I need a clone?

Anyway. To be continued. Back with my recent Alumnae adventures on Monday…