Toronto Fringe Festival – I’d also highly recommend…

Here are a few other Fringe shows I’ve seen and would recommend:

Radio:30 – I missed the original run of this show (1999) and was so glad to catch it this time around, thanks to the suggestion from Alumnae Theatre pal Brenda Somers as we met up over brunch last Friday. Chris Earle may be older, but he’s still got game. This play is hilariously funny and remarkably poignant at the same time. Running at the Tarragon Main Space.

Peter ‘n Chris Explore Their Bodies – Peter and Chris come highly recommended by – pretty much everyone – so I very happily accepted my pal Kat Leonard’s offer to get advance tickets to see this show. Sketch comedy meets hysterical storytelling, as Peter and Chris go on a journey inside Chris’s body to take on an unknown enemy who has turned Chris into a hypochondriacal mess. Running at the George Ignatieff Theatre.

A Young Lady’s Guide to Vivisection – Had my pal Lizzie Violet and I at “vivisection.” A highly entertaining and informative look at female medical students taking part in the first co-ed program at Queen’s University. Energetic, fun ensemble cast – love the cross-casting of female actors playing male characters and one male actor playing a female character. Running at Helen Gardiner Phelan Theatre.

Still looking to get out to more shows this week, so I’ll be back with further Fringing adventures soon.

It’s almost that time, kids — Toronto Fringe Festival is coming!

So how did it get to be the last week of June already?! Good news is that means that we’re about a week away from the Toronto Fringe Festival, running July 3-14.

Here’s a handful of shows I’m planning on seeing, with more to come:

Just Lift Your Feet, by Heather Allin  (stay tuned for my interview with actor/playwright Heather Allin on her one-woman show Just Lift Your Feet)

Killcreek, by Brandon Pitts

Stop Kiss, by Diana Son

We Are The Bomb, by Kat Sandler/Theatre Brouhaha

A Young Lady’s Guide to Vivisection, by Empty Box Company

What will you be seeing at Fringe this year?