Interview: Carlin Belof

You may have seen crochet artist Carlin Belof’s Unravelled Crochet creations on Twitter or Facebook—particularly the dolls: horror, sci-fi, adventure and superhero characters recreated with whimsical accuracy; the sharp attention to detail especially remarkable when you remember that these are created through crochet. Practicing the craft for 20+ years, Belof starting making and selling hatsContinue reading “Interview: Carlin Belof”

Amazing peeps and artists at RAW’s electric, eclectic VERVE artist showcase

Had an awesome time at the opening night of RAW Natural Born Artists VERVE showcase, which featured artists, music, fashion, makeup, accessories, film and performance art — with music by Tony Smart and hosted by Jack. This show runs two nights only (closing tonight) at Mod Club. I chatted with artists Brenda Clews (who doesContinue reading “Amazing peeps and artists at RAW’s electric, eclectic VERVE artist showcase”