It was a very year

Image: A rollercoaster. Photo by Pedro Velasco on Unsplash. As we gradually wrap up 2021 and celebrate the holidays, I’ve been taking stock of the past year. The good, the bad and the ugly. The holiday is both very different and much the same this year; we now have vaccines, but with the emergence ofContinue reading “It was a very year”

Arizona dreamin’ – the last two days

Here’s what I got up to during the last two days of my Arizona adventure… One thing my parents hadn’t done yet is visit the Heard Museum in downtown Phoenix  (there’s also a location in Scottsdale: Heard North Scottsdale). And part of the fun was getting to and from, which we did on the lightContinue reading “Arizona dreamin’ – the last two days”

Arizona dreamin’ – cacti, cacti & more cacti

If you want to get a good sense of what grows in the Arizona desert, pay a visit to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. Flora and  fauna – and even examples of structures created by desert-dwelling people – abound in this carefully tended outdoor environment. Throughout my time in Arizona, I noted how theContinue reading “Arizona dreamin’ – cacti, cacti & more cacti”

Arizona dreamin’ – architecture

Architecture is not the first thing I think of when I think of Arizona, but I had a very nice surprise – and it wasn’t just that I was taken with the buildings, but the architects. And I really didn’t think “architecture” – except for maybe nature’s hand – when we did that Grand CanyonContinue reading “Arizona dreamin’ – architecture”

Arizona dreamin’ – the great Grand Canyon road trip

This was my first view of the Grand Canyon, from a helicopter out of the Grand Canyon Airport, flown by a pilot from the south island of New Zealand named Simon: Words can barely describe the feeling of hovering over this natural wonder of the world. The flight was about half an hour, flying overContinue reading “Arizona dreamin’ – the great Grand Canyon road trip”

Arizona dreamin’ – the tin can in the desert

At long last, the first installment of my Arizona adventures. It really is true what you hear about Arizona being mostly sunny, blue skies and – this time of year, at least – in the southern, desert part of the state, it’s lovely warm temperatures during the day, cooling down at night. Mesa was homeContinue reading “Arizona dreamin’ – the tin can in the desert”