The list of lasts

The following is my list of lasts from the Before Time (pre-COVID-19)—the last time I ventured outside my neighbourhood on transit and had in-person contact with other people. It really sums up the people, places and things I love—and really miss. Last time I saw my parents: November 3, 2019 at the Elm Hurst InnContinue reading “The list of lasts”

Friends, food & finales

You know the holiday season has officially started when then invites start landing in your Inbox. For me, this started a few weeks ago. There are gatherings with various friends and acquaintances, family and the inevitable office party. Yesterday, it was a family gathering – the annual pilgrimage to Ingersoll (which I hear is no longerContinue reading “Friends, food & finales”

Willow Quartet – two more performances!

Hey – quick note today. If you haven’t seen Willow Quartet (and why the hell not?), you have just two more chances to see it: tonight and tomorrow night. It’s wrapping up its run at the Papermill Theatre at Todmorden Mills (67 Pottery Road) on Sat, Dec 3 – and rumour has it that Pottery Road access from BroadviewContinue reading “Willow Quartet – two more performances!”