In memoriam: Ed Rosing

Ed Rosing March 11, 1929 – September 12, 2016 Ed Rosing (aka Eddie, Eduardo) was a creative soul with a quick, sharp wit, and a great love of classical music, opera and theatre. He played piano, was an original founding member of Cabbagetown Theatre, and worked as a respected interior decorator (into his late 80s,Continue reading “In memoriam: Ed Rosing”

So much fun coming up!

Thought I’d take a moment to post about some ongoing/upcoming arts events. Alumnae Theatre Company’s New Ideas Festival (NIF) continues this week with the Week Two program and reading (March 13-17), with Week Three program/reading running the week after (March 20-24). Quick note on Saturday’s Week One reading of Falling: We had a packed house,Continue reading “So much fun coming up!”

Falling – final rehearsal

Our last rehearsal yesterday. Tweaking rhythm. Tone. Transitions. Falling is a work in progress – not sure what draft playwright Jamie Johnson is on – and it’s important to present it as best as we can so the work can continue. Constance (I’m playing her at age 48) is a very complex character – andContinue reading “Falling – final rehearsal”

Falling rehearsals – we got rhythm

We got rhythm. Saturday’s rehearsal – in the studio again – was about rhythm and nuance. Mostly, it was about rhythm. Director Ed Rosing, who was reading for Cora (who got stuck having to do a training session at her new job that day), was also an orchestra conductor of sorts – suggesting a quickeningContinue reading “Falling rehearsals – we got rhythm”

Falling rehearsals – Heather Hill’s Second Chance resonates

As I was going about some housework on Sunday afternoon – shortly after I uploaded the previous post on the first Falling rehearsals – I was listening to Heather Hill’s Leuty Station CD – and her song “Second Chance” resonated for me in a whole new way. Here’s the video of “Second Chance,” recorded atContinue reading “Falling rehearsals – Heather Hill’s Second Chance resonates”

Falling – first rehearsals

As some of you know, I auditioned for Alumnae Theatre Company’s New Ideas Festival 2013 and, after being called back to read for two plays, was cast in the Week One reading of Jamie Johnson’s play Falling, directed by Ed Rosing. I don’t want to give too much away – since I dislike spoilers andContinue reading “Falling – first rehearsals”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, all! It’s so cliché – not to mention annoying and sad – to be a bitter single person today, so I’m choosing to celebrate with some lovely and talented friends at Glad Day Bookshop tonight: The Beautiful and The Damned Femme Fatale Valentine’s Day edition, hosted by Lizzie Violet – with featureContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day!”