Last adventures of 2011

Happy New Year!

Lots going on since I last checked in. Thursday night, I headed to The Painted Lady to hear the Cubadors with my friend Marta, who knows the guitar player, Ana Medeiros. These three musicians rock, with great sounds that include musical influences The B52s and The Police, and I also heard U2’s the Edge in Ana’s riffs (plus you gotta love the Wonder Woman sticker on her guitar). Check them out at:

Friday afternoon, I dropped by the AGO for the Chagall and the Russian Avant-Garde exhibit – and, man, was it packed in there. This is a lovely selection of works by Chagall and his contemporaries. I especially love Chagall’s pieces from the 50s, like Blue Circus, where he uses the bright primaries he came to be known for. You still have a chance to see it – on till January 15. Check out the AGO site for details:

Friday night, it was more music – this time at the Rivoli with my girlfriends Kat and Lizzie, and Kat’s friend Linda. We went to the back room venue on the main floor to hear Fleece Elves ( and Tin Star Orphans (, with Orphans frontman Zachary Bennett doing a solo acoustic set to start off. You must check these bands out – powerful lyrics, driving instrumentals and passionate performances – and both feature amazingly talented (not to mention hard-working) drummer Johnny Rowe.

Saturday, I went to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows with pals Kerri and Cecilia at the Rainbow Market Square. Holmes and Watson square off against Moriarty in this action-packed sequel. While maintaining the witty repartee and mind-blowing observation of the first installment, this story features a lot more action sequences – which are amazing. I just prefer wit over action, I guess. Big fun at the movie theatre – take a look at the trailer and details on IMDB:

Enjoy the first day of 2012!