Toronto Fringe: Party like a sumo wrestler with Robin F*cking Black in the gutsy, inspirational Enjoy the Hostilities

Robin Black. Photo by John Laszlo Bruce.


Pressgang Theatre takes us on a wild, wisdom-filled storytelling ride with its Toronto Fringe production of Enjoy the Hostilities, written by Robin Black and Graham Isador, directed by Isador and performed by Black—running now at The Bovine.

Part personal journey, part edgy TedTalk, the storytelling is frank, unapologetic and authentic as the hard-working, hard-drinking, hard-partying Black takes us from his life as the frontman of the glam rock band Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rockstars, to fighting in the UFC cage, to becoming a professional MMA fight analyst. Turning his life around from a deadly diet of drugs and alcohol after waking up to a drug-induced seizure, Black set his sights on becoming a professional fight commentator—but, first, he had to become a fighter. Knowing full well that larger goals are made up of smaller goals (a system of goal achievement he learned from his dad), this meant training, studying—and overcoming his previous reputation as an eyeliner-wearing rocker with big hair and tight pants, to gain respect in the cage.

Black’s determined, fighter spirit goes super nova in this gutsy, inspirational solo show—and there’s genuine gratitude, joy and excitement to be making a living doing what he loves.

Enjoy the Hostilities has one more performance at the Bovine: July 15 at 6 pm. Last night’s show was jam-packed, so advance booking strongly recommended.

Want to check if the show you want to see is sold out? The Toronto Fringe folks have set up a page for sold-out shows, updated daily.


Happy New Year! Goals for 2014

1361406938058Happy New Year!

2013 was full of surprises and challenges – both personal and professional – especially toward the end of the year. As always, adversity has a way of shining a light on what’s truly important. Here’s hoping we can all take that knowledge with us as we head into 2014.

I’m not so much a New Year’s resolutions kinda gal – I prefer to set goals. Some are basic, and they are set with varying degrees of difficulty, so while some may be accomplished in the coming year, others are longer-term prospects.

So in no particular order, I thought I’d share my 10 goals for 2014:

  1. Do the CN Tower Edge Walk (my sibs got me a gift certificate for my birthday, so I’m aiming for spring)
  2. Sing more (in public too!)
  3. Get more sleep
  4. Step up the healthy eating
  5. Make a bucket list
  6. Write more fiction
  7. Read more
  8. See more live comedy shows
  9. Drink more water (and be consistent!)
  10. Blog: more artist interviews and slide show posts

What have you got planned for 2014?