Upcoming awesomeness: music, poetry & theatre

Happy New Year, all! Here are a bunch of upcoming events/performances/productions to watch out for – and there’s a little somethin’ for everyone here: Tin Star Orphans open for The Strumbellas at The Dakota Tavern on Tues, Jan 8. The next edition of The Beautiful & the Damned poetry cabaret, hosted by Philip Cairns andContinue reading “Upcoming awesomeness: music, poetry & theatre”

Mind-bending the bad things – Help Yourself

Everybody lies and everybody cheats. Some of these actions are along the more benign points on the scale of good and bad as many of us understand it – and some of us use sliding scales to separate the white lies from the bold-faced ones, the minor incidents of cheating versus the criminal. Sorting outContinue reading “Mind-bending the bad things – Help Yourself”

Toronto Fringe – up this week

Hey kids – Realized my sleep-addled brain left a couple of things out in yesterday’s posts: During the dinner date scene in One Night, Angela Brown and Nick Stojanovic did an amazing job of dealing with a set malfunction when the table they were eating at collapsed! Nice improving out of the situation, guys. BeforeContinue reading “Toronto Fringe – up this week”