Happy holidays 2018!

Hey all!

Holy cow, it’s that time of year again! Time to get the holiday activities into high gear, with shopping and social events taking over the calendar.

This also means it’s time for the cowbell blog’s annual December hiatus. This gives me a chance for some R&R after a very busy Fall theatre season, and to take some time with friends and family.

As usual, I’ll be covering some holiday shows: two next week and one during the last week of December. Also keep an eye out for my Top 10 Theatre of 2018 list at the end of December.

In the meantime, I wish you and yours love and joy this holiday season—and all good things for 2019!


The cowbell blog’s June hiatus

Can’t believe it’s the last day of May already! That means tomorrow marks the first day of the cowbell blog’s annual June hiatus (there’s also one in December). I’ll still be seeing some shows, and shouting stuff out on social media; just not covering them on the blog.

Have a lovely June! See y’all in July.

Hiatus 2.0

Okay, so not really gone fishin’ this time.

As you may have heard, I started a new job this month, joining Nightwood Theatre as its new Marketing & Outreach Coordinator. I spent the first week of July training with Nightwood’s former Director of Communications and Outreach, Taylor Trowbridge, who will be performing in Lewis Black’s play One Slight Hitch at Upper Canada Playhouse this summer, then heading off to York University to do her MFA in theatre. And, now, I’m it.

I’m very excited to be working with Nightwood; there’s a lot to learn and do—and I’m happy to be working with this amazing, creative group of women.

In order to focus time and energy on the new position, I’m putting the blog on hiatus again. I’ll still be seeing shows, and shouting them out on social media, but not posting on the blog for a while. Once I get a better handle on my schedule, I’ll be back with a scaled-down life with more cowbell blog.

Till then, enjoy all the amazing arts events this big, beautiful City of Toronto has to offer—and please support local artists.

And, while you’re here on the Interweb, give Nightwood Theatre a like and a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

cowbell blog: Changes to Toronto Fringe coverage

Hi all. Have some news before coming out my annual June hiatus next week—and before we head out for the long weekend.

As many of you know, life with more cowbell is a one-person, unpaid, part-time passion project; this means I support myself with a day job. My previous full-time position was phased out in May 2016; and I’ve been job searching, networking and freelancing ever since, as well as doing voice-over auditions since I signed on with VOX Talent in March.

I’ve been invited to a number of awesome Fringe shows this year. In previous years, I was able to take a week off to cover 20 shows. That’s not possible this year, as I’ll be starting a new job on Tuesday (yay! details to come). As a result, I’ve set up an abbreviated Fringe schedule for cowbell—covering fewer shows (I’ve booked 10) and writing shorter blog posts.

I want to thank all the Fringe productions that invited me to their shows. If I don’t get to your show, it’s not a reflection on your company or your play—it’s just that I wasn’t able to fit it in (I’ll also be covering the opening of Hogtown and a matinée of Billy Bishop Goes to War in mid-July). Even if I’m not able to see your show, I’ll do my best to shout it out on social media.

Have a great long weekend and happy Fringing! Please support local theatre and artists all year round.

Cowbell on hiatus in June

20150606_164326Hi all. Hope you’re enjoying the spring weather (especially now that we’re out of the stinkin’ heat of last Friday/weekend).

As is my custom, I’m taking a break and will be on hiatus for the month of June. I’ll still be out and about, tweeting and Facebooking stuff, just not posting on the blog.

I’ll also be sorting out my schedule for Toronto Fringe Festival (June 29 – July 10). Stay tuned.

Happy holidays from cowbell!

xmas cowbell
Happy holidays from life with more cowbell!

And with the Jacques and the Bean Stock Market post up and running, the cowbell blog is officially on holiday.

Cowbell will be back in the New Year, covering the Next Stage Theatre Festival, among others. I’ll also be taking some time to work on a project or two of my own.

Happy holidays to you and yours – and all the best for the New Year!