Remembering Andrew Batten

Connor O’Hegarty, Cate McKim, Patrick Brown & Andrew Batten in Lady Windermere’s Fan (Alumnae Theatre, 2007). Photo by Duncan McAllister.   It’s now been a week since we lost our friend and theatre colleague—former lawyer, beloved teacher, and talented actor and playwright Andrew Batten. I posted this on Facebook and Twitter last week, and thoughtContinue reading “Remembering Andrew Batten”

In memoriam: Ed Rosing

Ed Rosing March 11, 1929 – September 12, 2016 Ed Rosing (aka Eddie, Eduardo) was a creative soul with a quick, sharp wit, and a great love of classical music, opera and theatre. He played piano, was an original founding member of Cabbagetown Theatre, and worked as a respected interior decorator (into his late 80s,Continue reading “In memoriam: Ed Rosing”

#TBT – My fabulous, fun period drag photo shoot with Lisa MacIntosh

I posted this during my pre-Facebook days, so thought some of you would get a kick out of seeing this – or seeing it again if you caught it the first time around. Here’s my post on my fabulous, big fun period drag photo shoot with Lisa MacIntosh (inspired by an acting gig I didContinue reading “#TBT – My fabulous, fun period drag photo shoot with Lisa MacIntosh”

Photo shoot with Lisa MacIntosh

Had so much fun on Saturday, spending the early afternoon with photographer Lisa MacIntosh and makeup artist Rebecca Kupferstein up in the Studio at Alumnae Theatre for my white tie and tails vintage photo shoot. Inspired by Lisa’s shoot with actress Kate Drummond, who sported a fab vintage look, as well as my experience playingContinue reading “Photo shoot with Lisa MacIntosh”