Holiday Monday walkabout: Art on the Danforth & a new theatre discovered in Kensington Market

Hey all – first day back for the work week for those of us who had Victoria Day weekend off. Feeling like a Monday.

Yesterday, I decided against seeing a movie and ventured out into yet another beautiful sunny day and took the subway to Danforth/Woodbine, where I proceeded to walk west towards Greenwood to take a look at Art of the Danforth, which opened on May 20 and runs till June 10.

It was pretty quiet for the arts festival yesterday – with the wild and wacky opening done on Sunday – and some of the venues were closed for the holiday, but I managed to find LucSculpture  School & Studios open (Zone X hub) and had a look at some drawings, photos and sculpture on exhibit there. Abandonments, photos by Stephanie Avery, is a series of beautiful images of forgotten, abandoned structures and buildings. There are drawings from local kids on display and a really cool photo series consisting of collages of metal objects that have been run over by trains. I spoke with Director Luc Bihan and got a chance to see some of his work as well, in the upstairs clay studio, as well as in the small office-like space on the ground floor. Gorgeous, sensuous clay pieces – some smooth, some rough, all colourful. Check out LucSculpture here:

For more info on Art on the Danforth, check out the website:

Electric Theatre – ground floor
Electric Theatre – second floor

Headed to Kensington Market to have a stroll around some of my fave vintage stores and, as I walked down Augusta, I saw this – in the space where Bread & Circus used to be: The Electric Theatre, painting in progress. Don’t have any info on this, but I’ll keep my eyes and ears open – and if you hear anything, give me a shout.

My new hat

And, as I continued down Augusta, I stopped in a couple of those random hats and sunglasses shops and got this cool navy pinstripe hat.

After a late afternoon appointment, a quiet evening at home – quiet until the neighbourhood fireworks started, that is. Camille was under the bed for a while there.

All in all, a nice way to end a gorgeous long weekend.

What’cha get up to this weekend?