Top 10 of 2014

Seeing as I already took a bit of a peek out of my December hiatus with the Sleepy Beauty post last weekend – and as this is the last day of 2014 – thought I’d take another peek out to post my top 10 of 2014. Here it is, from a variety of disciplines, inContinue reading “Top 10 of 2014”

Laura L’Rock turns the dial up to 11 in new music vid Rock’s Not Dead

Hey kids! Take a moment to rock out to Laura L’Rock’s latest music vid “Rock’s Not Dead” – featuring band members Don (owner and driver of the vintage hearse Bleeding Betty) and Dennis Colautti, Nelson Sobral (Melting Pot, Songwriters Circle of Jerks and Red Falcon White Lightning), High Heels Lo Fi, the late Nik BeatContinue reading “Laura L’Rock turns the dial up to 11 in new music vid Rock’s Not Dead”

Art meets poetry meets music @ Urban Gallery

A lovely, moving, entertaining and inspiring afternoon of art, poetry and music at Urban Gallery yesterday for the final day of Brenda Clew’s Poempaintings exhibit, and the Poet, Painter, Beggar, Thief poetry salon, hosted by artist/poet Jennifer Hosein. The poetry salon featured (in alphabetical order): Norman Allan (who I believe coined the name for theContinue reading “Art meets poetry meets music @ Urban Gallery”

Saturday = Artaday

Yesterday was a day of art and friends – “Artaday,” as my partner in creative crime Lizzie Violet coined it – as we attended two art exhibit openings and a very unique haunted house experience. Here are some highlights, as well as the details, of these events. 5 By 5 exhibit at the Gladstone HotelContinue reading “Saturday = Artaday”

Passion & play @ Zelda’s The Beautiful & the Damned

What an incredible evening of poetry, spoken word, readings, music and friends at Zelda’s The Beautiful and the Damned last night! The evening’s festivities were hosted by the very cool (and fellow recovering Irish Catholic) poet and radio personality Nik Beat (, who introduced the feature and open mic performers, and shared some of hisContinue reading “Passion & play @ Zelda’s The Beautiful & the Damned”