Art @ home

As we gradually begin to emerge from “stay at home” to a world of increased contact with others—including mask wearing and physical distancing—we may have come to know and appreciate our own surroundings with renewed hearts and minds. While waiting for the green light to safely visit a museum or attend a performance event, manyContinue reading “Art @ home”

Getting to the truth, & touching on the why, about violence against women in the thought-provoking, chilling SMYTH / WILLIAMS

Deborah Drakeford, Lynette Gillis & Kim Nelson in SMYTH / WILLIAMS—photo by Yuri Dojc War and violence against women not only have similar social, cultural, and religious supports, they are mutually reinforcing. These supports allow societies to tolerate conditions in which a third of women and girls can be treated violently, without mass outcry andContinue reading “Getting to the truth, & touching on the why, about violence against women in the thought-provoking, chilling SMYTH / WILLIAMS”

Melanie Peterson’s “Sunshine” a breath of TLC for a broken heart

Photo by Bri-Anne Myers: Melanie Peterson Wistful, but hopeful—and perfectly illustrating her vibe as “Mary Poppins with a broken heart”—Melanie Peterson’s latest single “Sunshine” is a breath of TLC for a broken heart. And even more poignant is the fact that it’s being addressed to an ex in need of some heart healing. The lyricsContinue reading “Melanie Peterson’s “Sunshine” a breath of TLC for a broken heart”

Current & upcoming visual arts feasts

Wanted to shout out some current and upcoming visual art exhibits – in Toronto and Ottawa: Photographer Pamela Williams has an exhibit up at Sunderland Hall Gallery, First Unitarian (175 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto – west of Avenue Road, south side of St. Clair). Running now until April 21. Hours: Sun. Noon – 3 p.m., Tues.Continue reading “Current & upcoming visual arts feasts”

Ottawa trip – museum visits

Hey all – realized I hadn’t done my final Ottawa trip post and I’d better get on it, ‘cuz there’s Pride and Toronto Fringe stuff coming up. After staying with my friend Lesley and her son in Ottawa, I met up with Mum at my aunt and uncle’s place in Carp, which is a bitContinue reading “Ottawa trip – museum visits”

Ottawa – GGFG Annual Ceremonial Review

One of my favourite moments during my weekend stay in Ottawa was attending the Governor General’s Foot Guards (GGFG) Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) with my friend Lesley and her son Chris at the Cartier Square Drill Hall. The Drill Hall is a beautiful piece of architecture itself and, in addition to being home base forContinue reading “Ottawa – GGFG Annual Ceremonial Review”

Ottawa – Doors Open @ Château Laurier

Doors Open Ottawa was in full swing when Les and I ventured out after Sunday brunch – and we decided to visit the magnificent Château Laurier (, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, complete with cake and costumed folks wandering about the lobby. Grand Trunk Railway (which became part of the Canadian NationalContinue reading “Ottawa – Doors Open @ Château Laurier”

Ottawa trip – subway flood adventures & a haunted jail

Okay, so now I’m ready to tell the tale. The Ottawa trip started with an adventure before my mum and I even got on the VIA train – namely, the flooding of the TTC section of Union Station. I was still at the office when I got word of the flood over Twitter (thanks toContinue reading “Ottawa trip – subway flood adventures & a haunted jail”