Never thought I’d end up in Glamour Magazine…

… especially not as an out gay lady. In fact, if you’d told me that I’d end up in Glamour Magazine, I’d wonder what you’d been smoking. But here it is – you’ll recognize the black and white photo of my four-year-old self that I use for this blog. No airbrushing or Photoshopping were appliedContinue reading “Never thought I’d end up in Glamour Magazine…”

The Beautiful & the Damned – the Day of the Dead edition

Last night’s edition of The Beautiful and the Damned was dedicated to the Day of the Dead, with featured dead celeb Frida Kahlo – hosted by the lovely and talented Lizzie Violet, who introduced the evening’s features and open mic artists, as well as exercising our minds with trivia about Kahlo. The Art Gallery ofContinue reading “The Beautiful & the Damned – the Day of the Dead edition”