Hilarious, frank & real – grown-ups dealing the best they can in Sex After Kids

A father/adult daughter conversation that ventures into TMI territory – for both of them.

A date between two single parents that ends with a note that reads: “I’m really really sorry for drugging you.”

A couple with an infant and a non-existent sex life are both tempted to stray.

These are just a few of the moments presented in the multi-storied Sex After Kids – now playing in Toronto at the Carlton. This film, by Canadian writer/director Jeremy LaLonde, was a labour of love, of friends and family, on many levels – funded through a crowdsourcing campaign and populated with an impressive ensemble of Canadian talent, including some familiar faces from the cast of Lost Girl (Paul Amos, Katie Boland, Kris Holden-Ried, Christine Horne and Zoie Palmer), veteran actor Gordon Pinsent and some truly adorable kids (including LaLonde’s son and daughter).

This is a hilariously frank, real and poignant look at the sex lives of parents – mostly new parents – and how the grown-ups deal with the challenge of navigating their drastically altered lives and relationships, and coming to grips with how their own identities have changed in the process. Everyone is flawed, struggling and doing the best they can to deal with his/her situation, to varying degrees of success. Not everyone gets a happy ending, but life moves on. I laughed a lot, gasped several times and really felt for these characters. This is an outstanding and generous cast, and the stories were woven together brilliantly.

It was especially gratifying to see Sex After Kids last night, as actor Amanda Brugel and her Brug’s Army hosted a fundraising screener – including a food and clothing drive, and cast meet ‘n greet – for Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter.

Sex After Kids has been held over for another week at the Carlton, so if you’re in Toronto, get your butt on over there to see it.

Check out the trailer:

Support Sex After Kids movie & get Jeremy & Zoie into chipmunk suits!

Okay, so I’ve mentioned this in the blog before, but this is an extra special case, since I know a lot of you are a) fans of edgy comedy; b) fans of Lost Girl and c) fans of actor Zoie Palmer.

Donors to Sex After Kids got writer/director Jeremy LaLonde into a chipmunk suit and now, he’s willing to do it again – and this time, actor Zoie Palmer is willing to do it too. The only catch, the film’s Indiegogo campaign must reach $40K by midnight tomorrow (Friday, March 23).

How can you make this amazing feat of tomfoolery happen – and help get Sex After Kids made? I’m glad you asked.

Want to know more? Visit the film’s website: http://www.sakmovie.com/sak/Welcome.html

Then, get your butt on over to: http://www.indiegogo.com/Sex-After-Kids and donate.

See? Easy! Let the chipmunk shenanigans begin!

Let’s give it up for the indie films!

A couple of indie film projects have come to my attention recently, and I think they deserve your support (via word-of-mouth, social media alerts and monetary donations) and recognition. Check out the links below, which include info, teaser trailers and an opportunity to support The Cocksure Lads and Sex After Kids:

The Cocksure Lads, written and directed by Murray Foster (Alum pal Laura Vincent, an actor in the project, alerted me to this one): http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1246945042/you-gotta-stay-cocksure?ref=email

Sex After Kids, a Jeremy LaLonde project (Lost Girl fans will be happy to hear that the ensemble cast features actors Paul Amos, Kris Holden-Ried and Zoie Palmer): http://www.indiegogo.com/Sex-After-Kids

So give it up for the indies, folks! Blog it, tweet it, send them some dough.