Top 10 theatre 2017

Another year, another embarrassment of riches. And, despite the fact that the blog has been operating on a reduced capacity since July, I still managed to see a lot of theatre this year. In alphabetical order, my top 10 of 2017: The Clergy Project: Soulo Theatre for colored girls: Soulpepper Theatre Mockingbird Close: INpulse TheatreContinue reading “Top 10 theatre 2017”

Compelling storytelling in the riveting, edgy, darkly funny Slip

Clockwise, from top: Alex Paxton-Beesley, Daniel Pagett, Mikaela Dyke & Anders Yates—photo by Alec Toller Circlesnake Productions remounts its production of Slip, collectively written by the ensemble and directed by Alec Toller—opening in the Tarragon Theatre Workspace last night. Walking into what appears to be a crime scene—some of us walking through it to getContinue reading “Compelling storytelling in the riveting, edgy, darkly funny Slip”