Decisions, decisions… trying to come up with my top 3 of 2012

Those who know me know that I’m a big fan of lists. Most of my lists have to do with stuff I need to do or get, movies and plays I want to see, books and music to get my hands on, and various other arts events to see and/or blog about. Blog editor Carolina Smart just posted the October/November issue of Lipstik Indie Review yesterday and also sent out a request to participating bloggers – including yours truly – to look at what we reviewed over the past year and come up with our top three of 2012 for the December issue.


Only three?

Gonna have to spend some time thinking on this one, folks. Luckily, we have until the third week of November for this. But still.

What are your top three arts/culture/entertainment events of 2012?

DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS: In my October 28 post about painting The Drowning Girls set, I mistakenly referred to the amount of paint as a “quart” when I meant to write “gallon;” that has been corrected in that post. With thanks to Ed Rosing for pointing out the error.