Top 10 theatre 2018

For obvious reasons, I haven’t checked out other reviewers’/blogger folks’ lists—so I don’t know what they’ve been saying—but is it just me or was this year’s top 10 list an especially challenging task? Seems to me that we had an extra large embarrassment of riches with this year’s theatre productions, so I’m cheating with aContinue reading “Top 10 theatre 2018”

Stageworthy Podcast interview

Shortly before the holiday, I sat on the other side of the interview table with Phil Rickaby of Stageworthy Podcast as we chatted about theatre and the life with more cowbell blog. Thanks, Phil – I had a blast! The interview is about an hour long; give it a listen here. Photo by Lisa MacIntosh,Continue reading “Stageworthy Podcast interview”

Happy World Theatre Day!

Happy World Theatre Day, all! If you haven’t already, please take a moment to read the World Theatre Day 2013 message from Nobel Prize-winning playwright and author Dario Fo. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some truly remarkable work here in Toronto – especially from smaller, indie theatres and companies – and feel very luckyContinue reading “Happy World Theatre Day!”