Mysterious experiments & interspatial portals in Hall of Mirrors

Step into a dream-like sci-fi world of mysterious experiments & interspatial portals with Patrick Jenkins’ short animated film Hall of Mirrors, now available for viewing on CBC Gem as part of its Canadian Reflections series. Jenkins describes the film as: “A whimsical meditation on human foibles and how we struggle to live our lives freeContinue reading “Mysterious experiments & interspatial portals in Hall of Mirrors”

Reflections of home during COVID-19

When I went on hiatus with the blog in February, it was with the intention of taking some time away, to step back, get some R&R and figure out where the blog was going to go next as I made the move away from reviewing and focusing on my own art. Since then, I’ve postedContinue reading “Reflections of home during COVID-19”