Stay the Fuck Home Guest Post by Cate McKim Theatre Edition — Lizzie Violet

It’s been heartbreaking to see all the cancellations of live theatre performances—not to mention devastating for theatre companies, festivals and artists—with seasons being cut short or delayed indefinitely, and productions and festivals cancelled during the COVID-19 crisis. But there are still ways you can support companies and artists, and stay connected with theatre while we […]Continue reading “Stay the Fuck Home Guest Post by Cate McKim Theatre Edition — Lizzie Violet”

Interview: Lizzie Violet & her Stay the Fuck Home blog series

Lizzie Violet. Photo by Zoltan Hawryluk.   Everyone has their own way of dealing with today’s new normal of staying home and following physical distancing guidelines—and we’re all finding the need to develop new routines and methods of navigating everyday tasks and errands in a pseudo war-time environment, with standard items like toilet paper, handContinue reading “Interview: Lizzie Violet & her Stay the Fuck Home blog series”

A sneak peek at Heather Babcock’s debut novel Filthy Sugar

Heather Babcock photo by Astrid Monge. Filthy Sugar cover design by Val Fullard.   Two years ago, I had the honour and pleasure of getting a sneak peek at Heather Babcock’s debut novel Filthy Sugar after she approached me to give it a read and write a review blurb. Published by Inanna Publications, it’s setContinue reading “A sneak peek at Heather Babcock’s debut novel Filthy Sugar”

Interview: Lizzie Violet

Lizzie Violet—photo by Anna Lozyk Romeo Happy International Women’s Day! Today’s post is an interview with an incredibly talented, hard-working, gutsy and generous woman in the Toronto arts scene. Lizzie Violet is a writer, spoken word artist and horror aficionado—that “dark little girl with the crooked grin” who took her finely tuned, quirky sense ofContinue reading “Interview: Lizzie Violet”

Red Falcon / White Lightning brings it all with tight, fun new EP: INSTANT CLASSICS

Red Falcon / White Lightning (RF/WL) is Robert Eckert and Jeff D. Elliott. Following up last year’s double CD release Rootsy!!! Rocky!!!! Power!!! Poppy!!!!, the band recently released an EP of new tunes: INSTANT CLASSICS. I got the scoop behind the evolution of INSTANT CLASSICS from Eckert: Our latest effort called INSTANT CLASSICS was begunContinue reading “Red Falcon / White Lightning brings it all with tight, fun new EP: INSTANT CLASSICS”

Can you feel the love? I Hate Todd gets scary sexy with “Zombie Love” music vid release

It’s out, folks. I Hate Todd has officially released their YouTube video of their amazing, scary and sexy debut single “Zombie Love.” Take a look at this rockin’ awesomeness: Yet another reason to hate Todd. That bloody sexy zombie master. You can also follow I Hate Todd on Facebook, Twitter and on their YouTube channel.

Is theatre dead?

Last week, I came across an interesting tweet from Toronto actor Paul Sun-Hyung Lee (recently featured in Soulpepper Theatre’s production of Ins Choi’s play Kim’s Convenience), who posted the question: “Is Theatre Really Dead?” along with a link to this hysterically funny and thought-provoking YouTube video: And it got me thinking. I know.  A dangerousContinue reading “Is theatre dead?”

Goofing around with Downton Abbey & a Loki on Lost Girl

Haven’t seen last night’s episode of Downton Abbey yet (had to record it while watching the latest ep. of Lost Girl), but had to share this YouTube vid with you – a must-see for all Downton and Maggie Smith fans. Thanks to kerrymuzzy for creating/posting: Lost Girl SPOILER ahead: The mysterious, handsome man who deliveredContinue reading “Goofing around with Downton Abbey & a Loki on Lost Girl”

Happy holidays!

Hey kids – before I take off for the holidays, thought I’d leave you with this hysterical satire of a holiday favourite: A Charlie Brown Christmas, as voiced by the cast of Scrubs. Definitely NSFW and not for family viewing. Thanks to ryanalevin for posting on YouTube. Enjoy. Happy whatever you’re celebrating – even ifContinue reading “Happy holidays!”

Lost Girl Bo & Lauren fan vid – happier times

Given the gut- and heart-wrenching developments on Lost Girl of late, especially regarding Bo and Lauren, I’ve been reviewing this fan vid of them in happier times. Most of the fan vids about their relationship are quite intense, both in the editing and the soundtrack – and they’re awesome – so it’s nice to see thisContinue reading “Lost Girl Bo & Lauren fan vid – happier times”