Hilarious, frank & real – grown-ups dealing the best they can in Sex After Kids

A father/adult daughter conversation that ventures into TMI territory – for both of them. A date between two single parents that ends with a note that reads: “I’m really really sorry for drugging you.” A couple with an infant and a non-existent sex life are both tempted to stray. These are just a few ofContinue reading “Hilarious, frank & real – grown-ups dealing the best they can in Sex After Kids”

50 things I’ve learned

I was inspired by Toronto Star columnist Joe Fiorito’s list of 65 things he’s learned to create one of my own milestone lists. In no particular order:  It’s better to give. – Zoie Palmer reminded me of this in a tweet she posted today  People who talk to you about others will also talk toContinue reading “50 things I’ve learned”

Support Sex After Kids movie & get Jeremy & Zoie into chipmunk suits!

Okay, so I’ve mentioned this in the blog before, but this is an extra special case, since I know a lot of you are a) fans of edgy comedy; b) fans of Lost Girl and c) fans of actor Zoie Palmer. Donors to Sex After Kids got writer/director Jeremy LaLonde into a chipmunk suit andContinue reading “Support Sex After Kids movie & get Jeremy & Zoie into chipmunk suits!”

Heartbreak & hard choices on Lost Girl

Okay, so I’ll try to keep the spoilerage to a minimum – but be warned. I just may get carried away and I’m still processing the hugeness of recent developments, as well as dealing with that lost hour of sleep from Saturday night. The Showcase synopsis forewarned of pre-war casualties in last night’s episode ofContinue reading “Heartbreak & hard choices on Lost Girl”

Let’s give it up for the indie films!

A couple of indie film projects have come to my attention recently, and I think they deserve your support (via word-of-mouth, social media alerts and monetary donations) and recognition. Check out the links below, which include info, teaser trailers and an opportunity to support The Cocksure Lads and Sex After Kids: The Cocksure Lads, writtenContinue reading “Let’s give it up for the indie films!”

Lost Girl – fae’ing with fire

What with the Arizona trip and so much else going on, it’s been a while since I’ve posted about Lost Girl, so it’s high time I remedied that. Showcase is teasing Canadian viewers with a couple of new episodes at a time lately (the next new s2 ep. is March 4) – but, boy, areContinue reading “Lost Girl – fae’ing with fire”

Happy sci-fi fantasy!

Hey all – so how are the holidays treating you so far? I’ve been having a great time with friends, family and food – and lots of drink. And it’s only Tuesday. Okay – so, I know, we’ve been just over a week now without a new ep. of Lost Girl – and January 22Continue reading “Happy sci-fi fantasy!”

It was quiet – too quiet – in regularly scheduled t.v. land

Being the holiday season and all, t.v. land is relatively quiet these days – with the regular schedule, that is, there’s tons of holiday stuff on – with most shows on break till the new year or so. No more the olde thyme fall to spring season anymore. Now, we have “fall season finales” and aContinue reading “It was quiet – too quiet – in regularly scheduled t.v. land”

Lost Girl this week – what Dorothy said

Due diligence: SPOILER, SPOILER, SPOILER, yadda, yadda, yadda… The awful feeling I had in the pit of my stomach towards the end of this episode, where Bo unknowingly walks past Lauren’s cell while having a highly civil chat with the Ash-hole, was not unlike the feeling I get when I watch the messenger cross paths with Romeo (toContinue reading “Lost Girl this week – what Dorothy said”

Lost Girl Bo & Lauren fan vid – happier times

Given the gut- and heart-wrenching developments on Lost Girl of late, especially regarding Bo and Lauren, I’ve been reviewing this fan vid of them in happier times. Most of the fan vids about their relationship are quite intense, both in the editing and the soundtrack – and they’re awesome – so it’s nice to see thisContinue reading “Lost Girl Bo & Lauren fan vid – happier times”