Me at 4 years old, as Speed Racer – photo by Mary Alice McKim

I believe in the power of words to engage, inspire and capture the imagination. And I want you to love Toronto theatre as much as I do.

The blog. Life with more cowbell is an arts/culture blog, shouting out the good word on the Toronto arts scene since 2011. With a focus on local theatre, as well as music, poetry/spoken word, comedy and visual arts, cowbell is a part-time, unpaid, one-person operation. And, yes, the blog’s title was inspired, in part, by the famous SNL sketch.

On an extended hiatus since February 2020, and about to move in a new direction, shout-outs and support for the Toronto arts scene continue on cowbell’s Twitter account and Facebook page.

While the blog site doesn’t have the capacity to do event listings, I’m happy to add Facebook events to life with more cowbell’s Events page.

The blogger. Cowbell’s friendly neighbourhood reviewer/interviewer Cate (aka Cathy) McKim studied visual arts at York University and acting at George Brown Theatre School. By day, she works as an accidental freelance copy editor and writer (words with cowbell)  and voice-over artist.

A published short story and creative non-fiction writer, Cate has also contributed theatre and arts posts to Lipstik Indie Reviews, appears (credited as Cathy) in DJ Paul V’s Born This Way Blog and is a featured contributer in a Glamour Magazine piece about the 2012 launch of the book version Born This Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay.

Cate lives in Toronto with her cat Camille.

For more about life with more cowbell, check out this interview with Stageworthy Podcast’s Phil Rickaby.

Thanks for checking in!

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20 thoughts on “About”

  1. For the first time ever I feel absolutely compelled to comment on a blog and this is it–dear God what a brilliant, genius, crazy good title. More Cowbell indeed!” Good luck!!!!

  2. Looking forward to reading more! My theatrical career is now an aerial theatrical career on fire (literally), and I’m enjoying hearing about the arts and culture from your viewpoint. Thanks!

    1. Hi Cathie – Thanks very much! Coincidentally, most of my ancestors are from Ireland (mostly on my mum’s side – her grandparents were the last ones born there) and the McKim side is from Scotland, but settled in Ireland at one point before moving to Canada. So we’re likely distantly related, since McKim isn’t a very common surname. Thanks for dropping by the blog – come visit again soon.

  3. Hello Ms. Cowbell! I wondered where you came from when I got the WordPress email saying you’d liked my post on gratitude. I finally got around to reading Aynsley’s latest blog post and now I know. Sounds like you’re having a whole lot of artsy fartsy fun in Toronto. Almost makes a small town girl want to move to the big city. Almost. (Actually, this small town girl is yearning for more cowbells, on cows, in the pasture outside her secluded country cottage.)

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