My art

Here are some pieces I’ve created over the years…


Mixed media, incorporating the works of Renaissance masters and family photographs.

Left to right: The Three Sisters (this one is available), Mona Mother Earth (lives with my friend Valarie) and a close-up of Steve, Colin & the Orion Nebula (2016 Xmas present to my nephew Colin).


Shadow boxes

All of these were made for friends/family for their birthdays.

Top: Biographical (for my brother Sean), Conflicting Plaid (Zoltan Hawryluck), Soulo Theatre (Tracey Erin Smith) & Tango (Laurie Fredheim).

Middle: Biographical (for my friend Victoria Shepherd), Bowie (Dee Sparling) & Jockstrap (Kat Leonard).

Bottom:  Rory MacFadden (Teige Reid) & Zombie Love (Lizzie Violet).