Cate McKim is an extremely talented writer who captures the essence of any show she reviews with sharp, insightful details regarding performances, direction and elements of staging – all infused with a genuine love and passion for the theatre. I am profoundly thankful to have had Cate’s support and deep perception on numerous occasions when performingContinue reading “Françoise Balthazar, Actor”

Françoise Balthazar, Actor

Life With More Cowbell provides a unique and well-informed perspective, with a descriptive flair that compares to no other in the theatre genre. Kudus to Cate McKim for her passion, positivity and writing consistency.

MC Thompson, Co-host Stage Left on Radio

Cathy McKim is not only an all-round good, versatile writer who specializes in arts writing – she also did wonderful voice for my audio file and video projects … the power she holds with her spoken and written words.

Nora Camps, Expressionist artist; Strategist & Creative Director of Duo Strategy and Design

Cate McKim is one of the most generous members of the Canadian theatre community. She covers shows and events that may not normally receive the kind of exposure and caring attention she gives them. Her reviews and interviews are detailed, insightful, positive and ultimately uplifting. Cate and her blog Life with More Cowbell truly are ‘shoutingContinue reading “Tracey Erin Smith; Performer, Writer, Teacher, Spiritual Comedienne and Creator of SoulOTheatre”

Tracey Erin Smith; Performer, Writer, Teacher, Spiritual Comedienne and Creator of SoulOTheatre

Life with more cowbell has totally opened up my Toronto social and dating life! How so you may ask… well this blog allows me to easily access current reviews about amazing local theatre shows and events – thus instantly making me look both smarter and far more sophisticated than I really am! I have repeatedlyContinue reading “Ty Hyland”

Ty Hyland

Life with More Cowbell’s Cate McKim is a passionate artist herself and this is reflected in her writing. She approaches her writing with a rare understanding of the creative process, and her support and advocacy of the arts makes her an invaluable ally.

Victoria Shepherd, indie/community theatre director


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