Busy times

Hey all. From time to time, I’ll be copying posts from my other blog writing gig: Alumnae Theatre Company’s blog. Check it out sometime: http://www.alumnaetheatre.wordpress.com Here’s today’s post: Bloggergal is going to need her Wheaties over the next few days, chickens. I’ll be meeting up with Magritte/Hound set designer Marysia Bucholc and painting crew toContinue reading “Busy times”

In case you were wondering…

A question came up from a reader the other day, so I thought I’d post my response – in case anyone else was wondering the same thing. Q: When I mention products, etc., am I doing product placement or promotion? A: No. Whenever I mention a product, service, organization, person, etc. in this blog it’s because I’veContinue reading “In case you were wondering…”