#TBT – My fabulous, fun period drag photo shoot with Lisa MacIntosh

I posted this during my pre-Facebook days, so thought some of you would get a kick out of seeing this – or seeing it again if you caught it the first time around. Here’s my post on my fabulous, big fun period drag photo shoot with Lisa MacIntosh (inspired by an acting gig I didContinue reading “#TBT – My fabulous, fun period drag photo shoot with Lisa MacIntosh”

2014: my year of living scarily

So 2014 is my official year of doing scary shit. And, by “scary shit,” I mean stuff that’s anxiety-inducing to me personally – so you may not find these activities scary at all. I’ve managed to accomplish one of my nerve-wracking goals: posting the photo shoot I did recently in the Alumnae Theatre studio spaceContinue reading “2014: my year of living scarily”

Photo shoot with Lisa MacIntosh

Had so much fun on Saturday, spending the early afternoon with photographer Lisa MacIntosh and makeup artist Rebecca Kupferstein up in the Studio at Alumnae Theatre for my white tie and tails vintage photo shoot. Inspired by Lisa’s shoot with actress Kate Drummond, who sported a fab vintage look, as well as my experience playingContinue reading “Photo shoot with Lisa MacIntosh”

Behind the scenes @ I Hate Todd’s Zombie Love vid shoot

It’s Zombie Walk day in Toronto! So the perfect day for this post. Now that I Hate Todd’s debut single “Zombie Love” has been officially released on YouTube, I’d like to share some behind the scenes photos I took during our two days of shooting. With thanks to the amazing Lizzie Violet for the completeContinue reading “Behind the scenes @ I Hate Todd’s Zombie Love vid shoot”