Top 10 theatre 2016

Hope everyone’s been enjoying the holiday season. As we say goodbye to 2016 (for better or worse), it’s time for the annual top 10 theatre list. As usual, this is always a challenging endeavour, so I’ve added a few honourable mentions (in alphabetical order): Top 10 theatre 2016 Blind Date (queer version): Spontaneous Theatre &Continue reading “Top 10 theatre 2016”

The Hogtown Experience is the bee’s knees!

Better late to the party than never – I finally got out to see the Hogtown Experience at Campbell House Museum last night. And what a party it was! Written by Drew Carnwath and Sam Rosenthal, and directed by Rosenthal, assisted by Nicola Pantin, the Hogtown Experience is an immersive, site-specific theatrical event that putsContinue reading “The Hogtown Experience is the bee’s knees!”