Busy times

Hey all. From time to time, I’ll be copying posts from my other blog writing gig: Alumnae Theatre Company’s blog. Check it out sometime: www.alumnaetheatre.wordpress.com

Here’s today’s post:

Bloggergal is going to need her Wheaties over the next few days, chickens.

I’ll be meeting up with Magritte/Hound set designer Marysia Bucholc and painting crew to paint the set tomorrow. And, due to scheduling issues – with the build, rehearsals and a film shoot rental – we’ll be doing most of the set painting tomorrow night (just one week before opening!). Never a dull moment, let me tell ya.

Saturday, I’ll be acting as audition reader, along with Dinah Watts, for a New Ideas play: Summer’s End (by Francine Dick, directed by NIF co-founder Kerri MacDonald).

Also, I’ve been in touch with NIF Producers Pat McCarthy and Brenda Darling, as well as Marketing Director Tina McCulloch, about a new idea for NIF rehearsal blog coverage. My plan has yet to be confirmed with a couple of other folks involved, so more on that later.

And, during all of this, I’ve been in contact with Ed Rosing – who is designing set #3 for the season (our final show Guineapigging) – about the possibility of helping him with painting that set.

Who was it who said I need a clone?

Anyway. To be continued. Back with my recent Alumnae adventures on Monday…

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