Birthdays and cabaret

Saturday was birthday and cabaret day, as I spent the afternoon with friends to celebrate their son’s third birthday. One of his friends declared it to be a “boy party” – the kids had split off into girls (who were mostly older and friends of the older sister) and boys. Ever been in a room with a bunch of three-year-old boys and a basket of balls? Pande-freakin’-monium. The five-year-old sister of the birthday boy had her party back in November – and it was like Lord of the freakin’ Flies. This one was more Apocalypse Now.

From there, I high-tailed it over to Whistler’s for a grown-up birthday party with a gang of theatre pals from Cabbagetown Theatre – dinner downstairs, followed by No Sweetheart Required upstairs and back downstairs for the after party. Check out my NSR write-up on the Alumnae blog:

Think I had one pint too many – but I was okay. Nicely toasted and goofy.

Missed a couple of things late last week/this past weekend: Sweets & Treats at the Village Playhouse (I’ve asked Alumnae friend/colleague Tina McCulloch to do a write-up on that for the Alum blog) and my pal, the lovely and talented jazz singer Kira Callahan, who did a Valentines gig at Hollywood on Thursday night. She did send me this great photo, though:

Sunday was a quiet day of brunch with a friend and doing some final weekend errands/chores. All in all, a good one.  And lovin’ the spring-like weather we’ve been having, however briefly.

Have a good one all.

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