More t.v. – endings & beginnings

During a mostly busy weekend, when I was hardly home, I watched my PVR recording of the final episode of All My Children. WARNING: Spoiler alert. And I have to say WTF?! There was a gathering of the well-heeled folk of Pine Valley, including folks recently (and miraculously) risen from the dead – and not in a zombie kinda way – a woman who apparently had been blind with her sight now restored, and my gals Bianca and Marissa. Lurking behind some apparently secret panels behind the walls is Marissa’s ex J.R., who is drunk and gripping a hand gun. We didn’t see much of the girls this episode, but I gotta say, I was worried about them. The last thing we see is J.R. focusing on various people from behind an opening in the paneling, including the girls, then taking aim. Erica Kane crosses the gathering and we hear a gunshot with the screen going to black. With nighttime soap Dallas, we asked the question: Who shot J.R.? In the finale of AMC, we’re asking: Who did J.R. shoot? I’m thinking it might be Erica.

I’ll be looking into this some more this week. In the meantime, here’s a clip from the Sept 22 episode, the last time we see the girls in a major way (prior to this, they’ve decided to move in together and have bought a house for their soon to be merged families). Thanks again to MinxFan for editing/posting on YouTube:

In the meantime, I’ve been off sick a couple of days, so a bit tardy getting back into the blogosphere.

I caught the (final season?) premiere of Being Erica (different Erica) on Monday. Erica, now a doctor in training, gets her first patient – and it’s her sister’s goony ex husband. And Erica is put into a situation where she’s forced to find common ground with a guy she can’t stand – with some surprising results. Always a trippy, thought-provoking show to watch – and I love Michael Riley as Dr. Tom (Erica’s doc and mentor).

Continuing to watch Camelot and Downton Abbey, two new shows for me this year – as well as my usual suspects – and I’ll continue to check out Prime Suspect tonight as well. The House premiere is coming up on Monday, October 3 on Global.

And, tomorrow night, I’m heading to Alumnae Theatre to see After Mrs. Rochester, which I hear is excellent. Check out the review from Mooney on Theatre:

Back soon with more artsy farsty adventures…

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