It takes a village to build a set

In this case, a very small village. More work on the Willow Quartet set this past Sunday and Monday, with construction and painting continuing at Mike’s garage, and leaf cutting in the Green Room at PAL.

On Sunday, Mike and Ed started early, stapling burlap to cover the flats. After I arrived at noon, we were joined by actor John Healy, who came to help with the flats assembly and was also pitching in with set transport. Playwright Joan Burrows, no stranger to set painting, also came over and worked on ironing the burlap and painting various bits and pieces. And director Jane Carnwath dropped by to take a look at things and chat with Ed. We worked straight through the afternoon, pausing for a brief break on the deck – with Mike’s mum supplying cookies and some amazing coffee from a French press. By the time Mike, Ed and I finished cleaning up, it was sundown (at 5:30 p.m., since the clocks went back an hour on Saturday night). Back at home, it was a pizza slice and a bottle of Keith’s on my couch while I watched my personal Sunday t.v. line-up of Once Upon A Time, Lost Girl and The Good Wife.

Last night was leaf cutting night in the PAL Green Room; this crew included Ed, me, SM Margot “Mom” Devlin and her husband Shaun, actor Patricia Casey, Joan and Alum gal PJ Hammond. PJ had the special job of constructing curtains for the kitchen window, while the rest of the gang worked on cutting wavy strips along the large pieces of green fabric that will become the willow tree’s leaves. And, just like the best part about being shot in the buttocks is the ice cream, the best part about making curtains and willow leaves is the wine and cookies. We finished our work pretty quickly – likely due to the treats that awaited us (excellent suggestion, Margot!) – and gathered for a relaxing glass of the grape and a tasty selection of sugary treats. Shaun and I were thinking chips and cheese for next time – but no complaints on the post-work spread.

Joan brought her camera on both days, so we have pix – including one of her ironing the flats – I’ll post those as soon as I get them.

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