Willow Quartet – two more performances!

Hey – quick note today.

If you haven’t seen Willow Quartet (and why the hell not?), you have just two more chances to see it: tonight and tomorrow night. It’s wrapping up its run at the Papermill Theatre at Todmorden Mills (67 Pottery Road) on Sat, Dec 3 – and rumour has it that Pottery Road access from Broadview is open again! In any event, you can also get to it from Bayview if you’re driving; TTCers, walkers and cyclists can get down Pottery from Broadview.

For reservations, call 647-342-7454 or go online at www.reserveaseat.com

I’ll be hanging out with the WQ gang on Saturday night at the closing night party – wow, I can’t believe it’s just two to go. In the meantime, I’m eagerly anticipating hanging out with my girlfriends Lizzie Violet and Kat Leonard for dinner tonight. And Sunday, I’m off to Ingersoll for the day. Why Ingersoll? Because that’s where the Elm Hurst Inn is located – and that’s the mid-way location for my dad’s side of the family and us GTA folks for our annual family Xmas brunch. And the Elm Hurst does some serious Sunday brunch, my friends – check it out at: http://www.elmhurstinn.com/


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