Dorothy Snarker chats with Lost Girl’s Anna Silk

I know – January 22 is so far away!

But, fear not, fellow Lost Girl fans,’s Dorothy Snarker comes to the rescue with this interview with actor Anna Silk (Bo):

Thank you, Dorothy!

Brit and American fans will get a chance to see the show, starting with season one (tonight for Brits and Monday, January 16 in the U.S.) on Syfy UK and Syfy, respectively. As for Canadian fans, we continue to await the new season two episode on Sunday, January 22 on Showcase. In the meantime, here’s a little something for the Team Lauren fans:


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One thought on “Dorothy Snarker chats with Lost Girl’s Anna Silk”

  1. Hubba hubba on the Team Lauren photo! In interview, loved Ksenia’s comment about Bo’s cleavage when Anna comes in from wardrobe: “Bouncy!” Hee – can just hear her saying it.

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