Goofing around with Downton Abbey & a Loki on Lost Girl

Haven’t seen last night’s episode of Downton Abbey yet (had to record it while watching the latest ep. of Lost Girl), but had to share this YouTube vid with you – a must-see for all Downton and Maggie Smith fans. Thanks to kerrymuzzy for creating/posting:

Lost Girl SPOILER ahead: The mysterious, handsome man who delivered the gold bracelet to Bo on her birthday is back in episode 14 “Midnight Lamp.” His name is Ryan Lambert (played by Anthony Lemke) and he’s a Loki (apparently the Norse god Loki was just a PR stunt by the Fae Loki folks) – and Bo needs his help to capture a Genie (played by Lauren Holly), who the Ash wants for assistance against the Garuda. Sexy hijinks ensue. And holy Wonder Woman powers with that bracelet! Great fun episode, but I’m wondering how the hard-core Team Lauren fans are responding. No Lauren in this episode and we’re left wondering if Bo has moved on.


Author: life with more cowbell

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