Best Valentine’s Day ever!

Valentine’s Day can be  a mixed bag if you’re single and wishing you had someone special to get all soppy romantic with. There’s this strangely logical combination of irritation at seeing all the happy couples and longing to be one of them.

I had dinner – alone – at Free Times Cafe; the latke and soup combo (with their fabulous carrot, sweet potato and ginger soup), a pint and a very tasty apple crumble pie and coffee for dessert. And I didn’t mind eating alone in a restaurant on an evening when lots of couples are out eating at restaurants – ‘cuz I was off to meet my two girlfriends Lizzie Violet and Kat Leonard at Graffiti’s to see Lizzie read some poetry at the Tumultuous Tuesday Valentine’s edition.

It was a mostly girl power night at Graffiti’s, with singer/songwriter MJ Cyr opening the evening on vocals and guitar, with her friend Anna backing her up on cello for some tunes – hauntingly spiritual, using some cool looped soundscapes, her upcoming CD release is a concept album, with lyrics based on the writings of a mystic philosopher. Check MJ out at her website:

Host Marcus Walker read a couple of his poems to prime the audience for the second set – spoken word/poetry and two more talented ladies. Lizzie went up first, reading several frank, edgy and darkly funny pieces – not love poems, but on the subject of love – as well as one extremely personal one, a love letter by John Keats and a couple of haikus (one of which was dedicated to Kat and I!). I was so proud of her – and so glad to have finally been able to attend one of her readings. Snaps for Lizzie! Check out Lizzie’s blog here:

YA horror writer Monica S. Kuebler read some of her poems – erotic, visceral and primal – her husband recording her on video as she read. Which kinda made it even more sexy. Anyway. Check out Monica’s serial YA vampire novel Bleeder here:

Last up was singer/songwriter Meghan Stock, accompanying herself on a very cool red electric guitar, with sounds ranging from 70s folk to jazz – she’s at “the corner of cool and refreshing,” as Marcus said in his intro. Check out Meghan’s website here:

Drinking beer with friends while listening to some very talented artists perform – and one of them is your friend. Best. Valentine’s Day. Ever.


Author: life with more cowbell

Arts/culture social bloggerfly & Elwood P. Dowd disciple. Likes playing with words. A lot. Toronto

4 thoughts on “Best Valentine’s Day ever!”

  1. Thanks for the kind words about my reading. I agree, the whole night was really fun and magical. Amusingly, I had my husband film it, not to intentionally amp up the eroticism of my set or anything like that, but rather because we didn’t own a video camera back when I was doing spoken word gigs frequently, so I don’t have any record of most of my readings. Now that we do, I thought I’d take advantage of that and record it so I could share it with out-of-towners who couldn’t make it to Graffiti’s last night.

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