Music @ Cameron House

Hey again – music adventure, as promised. Last night was a date with my pal Lizzie Violet, starting with a very tasty dinner at Shanghai Cowgirl and winding up at Cameron House. Photos courtesy of Lizzie’s camera and taken by Lizzie, Marcus and me.

blueVenus started the evening, and singer/songwriter Andrea de Boer on violin, Luke Roberts on guitar and some recorded instrumentals to round out their sound. Andrea has a great set of pipes on her, a soulful energy and a very cool style on the strings, at times playing it like a ukulele. I scored the band’s CD Grin while chatting with Andrea. Check out this amazing band at:

Russell Leon and his band headlined, up second, and featured Marcus Walker on bass. Playful, powerful and edgy, these guys brought it. Check them out here:









Last up was Dolly, a high energy, rockin’ three-piece group with an awesome (not to mention hot) drummer – she’s the real shit. You can find Dolly here:

And, seeing as I’ve been there so much over the past couple of months, I think Shanghai Cowgirl is my official place now.

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