Lost Girl – fae’ing with fire

What with the Arizona trip and so much else going on, it’s been a while since I’ve posted about Lost Girl, so it’s high time I remedied that.

Showcase is teasing Canadian viewers with a couple of new episodes at a time lately (the next new s2 ep. is March 4) – but, boy, are those episodes cookin’! Once again, SPOILER ALERT applies for anyone who’s not up-to-date on season two.

Our much missed doc Lauren has returned from her vacation with girlfriend-out-of-a-coma Nadia, who is moving beyond standard girlfriend suspicion of Bo into outright snooping: close-up pics of Lauren’s pendant, sneaking into Bo’s room and peering into the weapons chest, and generally tagging along with Lauren everywhere she goes. And the last scene of the most recent episode showed us an even darker side of Nadia, who appeared to be zoned out in a trance, slicing the palm of her hand with a Psycho-grade kitchen knife. When Lauren intervened, Nadia acted confused and scared – then a sly grin as Lauren comforted her in a hug. Bad Fae? Possessed human? Only time will tell. One thing for sure – it’s not good. And it likely has something to do with the impending Garuda show-down. Lovely work from Zoie Palmer on Lauren’s continued struggle with her feelings for Nadia and Bo, and it was nice to see more of Athena Karkanis (Nadia), who’s giving the Nadia haters a real reason to want her out of the picture.

Anna Silk just keeps on growing into her character – and School’s Out (ep. 16) was particularly fun, what with Bo going undercover as a (hot) teacher and all. In The Girl Who Fae’d with Fire (ep. 17), Ksenia Solo got to bring the hotness. And all while saving the world from possible Fae-related doom. Damn, ladies!

Can’t help but feeling that the fire in this last episode, courtesy of lava monster under-Fae, is a foreshadowing of the flames to come.

Check out Dorothy Snarker’s SnapCaps (AfterEllen.com) on the last two eps – she knows of what she speaks:



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