T.V. cross-over episodes I’d like to see

What with all the intensity on Lost Girl lately, I turned my thoughts to the lighter side of t.v. and came up with some cross-over episode ideas. See what you think…

Rizzoli and Isles with Republic of Doyle: I think this would be best set in St. John’s, with our Boston gals Jane and Maura travelling there on a cross-border case that coincides with a case that Leslie is working on. Hijinks will, of course, ensue. During the course of the investigation, Jake flirts with Maura (who is flattered by his Nfld charm) and Des gets goofy over Jane (who is irritated by him), while Leslie, Tinny and Rose look on with a combination of amusement and embarrassment. As usual, Malachy thinks Jake and Des are both eejits.

Lost Girl with Once Upon A Time: Seeing as both shows could use a light, fun episode, this pairing of mythical worlds juxtaposed with our everyday world has promise for some big fun. Bo and Emma Swan swap places via some magical object (not a body swap, but a location swap), where they each must join forces with the other’s allies to discover the mystery of the object, and get back to their respective homes and friends. Bo hanging out with Henry and Mary Margaret, and duking it out with Regina, while Emma works with Bo’s intrepid  Scoobies – awesome potential!

Glee with Smash: Rachel and Kurt move to NYC during their summer break before starting theatre school, where they become roommates with Sam and last-minute additions to the Marilyn! workshop ensemble. Kurt is attracted to Sam and struggles to be true to Blaine, who has decided to stay and work in Lima before attending college in Boston. Rachel becomes pals with Karen and helps Karen find her inner diva.

Have any cross-overs you’d like to see? Give ’em a shout out in Comments.

More theatre for me tonight; this time, it’s Soulpepper’s production of Eugene O’Neill’s A Long Day’s Journey Into Night. Back with the scoop on that tomorrow.


Author: life with more cowbell

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