Meghan Morrison band awesomesauce @ CMW Velvet Underground gig

And a bag of chips!

Thanks to singer/songwriter Meghan Morrison, I am no longer a webcast-viewing, Canadian Music Week-attending virgin.

Tuesday night, it was her webcast night and jam, featuring singer/songwriters Angela Saini ( and Super Tash (, plus co-host Kat Leonard (  – so much fun! I watched, I listened and I tweeted throughout the entire hour of music, sisterhood and big, big fun.

Last night, I met up with Kat and our pal Lizzie Violet at Shanghai Cowgirl for some pints and food, then we headed over to Velvet Underground for Meghan’s Canadian Music Week showcase gig. And more big, big fun. Meghan and band were amazing – relaxed, charismatic, professional and right on their game (despite ongoing sound equipment feedback issues) – the mix was good and I loved how you could hear the violin parts. And Meghan’s vocals were so very strong. Plus they all looked fabulous!

Meghan brought her famous (vegan) cupcakes for the audience – chock full of lemony goodness! And handed out free acoustic EPs. I also bought a t-shirt, which I’m wearing as I write this. Thanks to Lizzie for the pics! Check Meghan out here:

A really good time with great friends and amazing music. Check out the CMW line-up here (Angela Saini has a gig on Sat, Mar 24 at 12:45 a.m. at the Sennheiser Lounge Library Bar at the Royal York Hotel):

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