Lost Girl brings some sexy fun back

Okay, so the world may be ending soon, but our friends on Lost Girl are multitasking masters. BIG SPOILERS ahead if you’re not caught up on season 2: “Into the Dark.”

After the pain and sacrifice of the previous episode – and past animosities –  Bo and her chosen family find some closure as the episode opens with Ciara’s wake at the Dal (featuring Ashley MacIsaac on fiddle). As Ciara’s friends mourn her, we are reminded of Lauren’s loss of Nadia – and she and Dyson have a lovely moment at the bar over a glass of whiskey. Bo finally gets to ask Trick a question that’s been on her mind (and ours) for some time: Is he her father? Nope, but close. Grandpa! A very sweet and touching reveal/family reunion scene.

Lachlan’s funeral is less well-attended, but Lauren and Bo are there – and Bo meets with the Morrigan there, who (after having a chat with the Nain Rouge) she realizes she needs help from in the coming battle. Bo needs to borrow Vex. And this is where the fun begins. Vex has been imprisoned for punking the Morrigan in a particularly humiliating (and sexy) way, so of course, she’s not just going to let him go. Bo is sent to retrieve a top secret briefcase stored in a Light Fae vault and bring it back to the Morrigan. Mission accomplished, but then a gang of Redcaps wants Vex too so she has to get the briefcase back in order to save Vex from them – by succubus sexing it from the Morrigan.

Then, of course, there’s Kenzi going all “Honey, I’m home!” on the Norn with a chain saw in order to get Dyson’s love back (they did try asking nicely earlier in the ep., but that Norn is one nasty bee-yatch). Best. Kenzi. Entrance. Ever. If not the best entrance ever on the show.

Bo and Lauren even get to have a moment. (Finally!) When Bo arrives at Lauren’s after being injured in the fight with the Redcaps, Lauren thinks Bo needs healing sex, but Bo just needs an aspirin. Bo’s super succubus moment with the Lich comes up in conversation – Lauren believes it was triggered by the way they feel about each other. They get so close to kissing but don’t (it was torture to watch but so erotic at the same time), as it turns into a eureka moment for Lauren, who realizes what she must do to preserve Lachlan’s venom.

Lovely two-hander scenes throughout this episode: Lauren/Dyson, Bo/Trick, Kenzi/Dyson, Bo/Lauren and Bo/Kenzi – not to mention some sexy ones: the Morrigan/Vex’s punking partner Paulo and Bo/the Morrigan. And that cheeky monkey Vex is almost a lovable scoundrel. Again, amazing work by the entire Lost Girl cast. And thanks to the writers for the much needed comic relief.

For those of you not on the Twitter, here’s the video I tweeted yesterday in honour of that lovely Bo/Lauren scene. It’s even got lyrics, so sing along:

One more episode to go for season two – and don’t forget the pre-show special, on just before the final episode. Bo’s super succubus will be returning big time – but will Bo be able to bring herself back?


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