Coming up: Kat Leonard @ Last Temptation & Big Ideas @ Alumnae Theatre

Here are just a couple of things coming up this week:

Kat Leonard with Captain Jack Sparrow
Wednesday, May 2: Kat Leonard is the featured performer at Last Temptation Acoustic Wednesdays (12 Kensington Ave., Toronto) – show starts at 9 p.m. For the scoop on Kat, visit her site:

Also on Wednesday, May 2: Alumnae Theatre Company’s New Play Development (NPD) group opens Big Ideas, their annual spring readings of new plays/plays in development, up in the studio space. Big Ideas has expanded this year to run over the course of several days (May 2-6).  Here’s a quick rundown of the program – and admission is free!

8 pm Wed May 2 Ashes To Ashes by Marianne Fedunkiw
8 pm Thur May 3 Preparing For Passover by Francine Dick
8 pm Fri May 4 Burying Toni by Catherine Frid
The Cape by Ramona Baillie
Toward the Unknown Region by Ilene Cummings
2 pm Sat May 5 The Blunt Widow by Linda McCready
8 pm Sat May 5 Measure of The World by Shirley Barrie
2 pm Sun May 6 Sins of The Fathers by Carol Libman
The Masqueraders by Diane Forrest
We Are Trying by Norma Crawford
6 pm Sun May 6 Ze Adventures of M. Maurice and His Bridal Emporium
by Anne MacMillan

For full details, check out the NPD page on the Alum website:

I’ll be out to see Kat at Last Temptation on Wednesday (which is also her birthday eve!) and up in the Alum studio on Thursday to see Francine Dick’s play Preparing for Passover, directed by my pal Kerri MacDonald.

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