Get Your Groove On brings passion, fun & sexy good times

I normally would have posted this on Thursday, the day after the actual event, but Wednesday night had so much cookin’ with the sculpture exhibit and all, that I wanted to do both events justice and post separate blogs.

Singer/songwriter Ellie Anderson ( organized Get Your Groove On – and had her organizer chops really put to the test when she discovered the original venue, Jang Bang Bar, was in the dark and had to quickly relocate the event. And relocate it she did: to the upstairs front room at The Central.

Just like Wonder Women IV featured four hot women, you could just as well say Get Your Groove On featured three hot women and three hot guys. Anderson and the three guys did round robin acoustic sets – showcasing an amazing variety of sounds, all with distinctive voices. As I write this post, I’m feeling inspired to try something new and do a little free association word riff…

Ellie Anderson: sexy, bluesy, melancholy ballads that belie a bright, bubbly personality and quick smile, wicked sense of humour and sparkling eyes.

Rex: insightful comic edge, sexy fun lyrics, Johnny Cash flippin’ the bird on his black t-shirt and in evidence in the hot hair do, digs sexy skinny white boys.

Bob Ryder: boxcar blues, with a slide running along the neck of his guitar, wailin’ stories of love and hurt, bit of a Buddy Holly thing with those glasses, which is kinda hot, actually.

Ento: a long way from his home in France, adorable in that hat, poppin’ out upbeat tunes on guitar, ukulele and some middling hybrid instrument, boyish energy and good looks.

In between music sets, the other two hot ladies brought their spoken wordsmithery. First up was Vanessa McGowan (, who I saw perform at The Beautiful and the Damned at Zelda’s last month: Opening with an a cappella version of Angel from Montgomery sliding into a spoken word piece about homelessness “and our deepest human desire is to matter” cutting socio-political awareness; no punches held on sexuality, body image and eating disorder issues; power of words overcoming the terror of speaking them; super hero big sister; intense and dark subject matter but a warm, friendly and open soul.

Then there was my good friend Lizzie Violet ( My Mother Thinks I’m a Serial Killer, the girl freaks out the librarian asking for books on Jack the Ripper and buries her little brother under stuffed animals; late night slasher/horror movies with Dad planted the seed for a career as horror aficionado; Ravaged Soul zombie chase and evil exes are killed on the page, often by zombies; non-love love poem; imaginary friend Sid; Men in Suits is sexy fun, as are the erotic haikus – but my favourite poem will always be Chlamydia Is Not A Flower! especially because her mom has it on her fridge.

Don’t have all the full names and/or co-ordinates for these folks, but I’ll try to update asap.

Tonight: Kat Leonard opens for Dawna J. Wightman’s one-woman show Life As A Pomegranate at Lazy Daisy’s Cafe at 8 p.m. Tomorrow night: Heather Hill launches her Leuty Station CD at the Drake Underground at 8 p.m. (Scroll down a few posts for the full details on these.)

Vanessa McGowan
Lizzie Violet
Ellie Anderson
Bob Ryder

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