Ottawa – GGFG Annual Ceremonial Review

One of my favourite moments during my weekend stay in Ottawa was attending the Governor General’s Foot Guards (GGFG) Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) with my friend Lesley and her son Chris at the Cartier Square Drill Hall.

The Drill Hall is a beautiful piece of architecture itself and, in addition to being home base for the GGFGs and the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa, also houses a museum:

The GGFGs (12 to 19-year-old cadets) are sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa. Check out their site here, including lots of great photos from the ACR:

Three battalions marched into the hall, followed by a flag ceremony (which included my pal Chris, aka Private Wallace) and inspection by Reviewing Officer, Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel J.L. Adams, CMM, CD. We were treated to some demos as well: emergency field response to an injured cadet and the GGFG drill team (including Private Wallace), which was really sharp. This group is tight and a prime example of the excellence that the GGFG strives for. Awards and promotions were handed out, and several cadets aged out (19 is “retirement” age for cadets); Private Chris Wallace had been promoted to Corporal earlier in the week and will be replacing his single stripe with a double stripe soon. Check out the GGFG Facebook public page here:  And here’s their Flickr site:

Cadets are a youth program, fostering physical fitness, self-confidence, leadership and community involvement. For more info on the Canadian cadet program, check out this link:

Congrats to all the cadets who were promoted, as well as those who aged out – all the best with your future endeavours. Here are some pics I took at the ACR.

Drill Hall interior – GGFG insignia
Drill Hall interior – stained glass coat of arms above the entrance
GGFG ACR – flag ceremony
GGFG ACR – drill team demo
GGFG ACR – emergency field response demo
GGFG ACR – Private Wallace (promoted to Corporal) & mom Lesley

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4 thoughts on “Ottawa – GGFG Annual Ceremonial Review”

  1. Cathy, what a wonderful piece. Having you share this day with us was truly a blessing, it was icing on the cake for Chris (Cpl Wallace) to have you be there on his special day. Cadets allows youth to learn more about themselves, prepares them for leadership roles, speaking and teaching roles, survival and first aid and outdoor activities. They can take this experience into adulthood and thrive.

  2. Hello Cathy,
    Nice peice here in your blog, the cadets enjoy doing their Annual Ceremonial Review for freinds, family and walk up spectators. This is the first we do it on a weekend and it looks to already have paid dividends. The CO has received requests for several inscription packages for new recruits.
    PS Someday Cpl Wallace at a higher rank can lead a Section, then Platoon or even a Company of Cadets. I will link to this if you do not mind.
    Thanks Michel Asbóth (-:
    PPS I have not paid much attention to my blogesphere maybe over the summer!

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