Ottawa trip – museum visits

Hey all – realized I hadn’t done my final Ottawa trip post and I’d better get on it, ‘cuz there’s Pride and Toronto Fringe stuff coming up.

After staying with my friend Lesley and her son in Ottawa, I met up with Mum at my aunt and uncle’s place in Carp, which is a bit west of Nepean. From there, we travelled to Gatineau, Quebec one day to visit the Canadian Museum of Civilization (which I hadn’t been to since I was a teenager):

Canadian Museum of Civilization – totem pole
Canadian Museum of Civilization – totem poles (west coast)
Canadian Museum of Civilization – petroglyph detail
Canadian Museum of Civilization – ceiling mural detail

We saw an amazing IMAX film Mystery of the Maya, and wandered about the various exhibits, from first peoples, to religious beliefs/iconography, to a history of the postal service in Canada and a great exhibit on people who were instrumental to Canada’s evolution. Here are some snaps I took there.

A couple of days later, Mum and I took a tour of the Diefenbunker (aka Canada’s Cold War Museum), which is located in Carp (I know!):  Also check out:  This was set up to protect the Canadian government – house the prime minister, his cabinet and a mini army of military, medical, admin and even CBC personnel – in the event of a nuclear missile attack. And you may recognize the entry tunnel from the movie The Sum of All Fears. The closest they came to emergency use was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was an interesting – and rather sobering – experience, so I’m going to shut up and just show you some highlights.

If you’re ever in the Ottawa area, check these museums out.

Diefenbunker – portrait of Prime Minister John Diefenbaker
Diefenbunker – entry tunnel
Diefenbunker – detail of the O.R. in the hospital section
Diefenbunker – instruction booklet in the hall outside the computer room (the old computers are huge!)

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2 thoughts on “Ottawa trip – museum visits

  1. I love the feeling I get from being around totem poles and other native art, especially the “epic” poles on the west! ;p Look at them standing there still emitting spirit!

    1. Definitely. One of my favourite moments during my trip to Vancouver – wow, almost 10 years ago – was walking in Stanley Park and seeing the totem poles there. That wood is definitely alive with spirit.

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