A brave & beautiful hero’s journey – snug harbor

I fell in love with Tracey Erin Smith’s work when I saw her one-woman show The Burning Bush, and the sequel Two in the Bush, at Toronto Fringe several years ago, and had the pleasure of participating in one of her weekend-long solo show workshop intensives. So it was very exciting to see that she had a one-woman show at the Fringe this year: snug harbor, directed by Anita La Selva and running at site-specific venue The Centre (316 Dupont St.). And she performed to a sold-out house tonight.

This time, Smith tells us the story of a daughter/father relationship interrupted by tragedy, framed in the storytelling style of the hero’s journey.

Beautiful, brave and deeply personal, snug harbor invites the audience in as fellow support group participants, with SM Laura Johnson also acting as Group Facilitator, welcoming the group and introducing Tracey and her sharing time with us. Smith ushers us through her journey, using projected text, photographs and video footage, as well as music clips. A daughter who loved her father, with whom she shared a love of music and a joint or two, is left wondering why when he pulls an unthinkable disappearing act.

Engaging, poignant and funny, Smith invites us not just along for but inside of her hero’s quest. As she shares anecdotes, music and images, we laugh, cry and walk beside her along this magical, mythical and difficult journey for answers.

snug harbor continues until July 15 at The Centre (316 Dupont, near Walmer). Seating is limited, so get there early or reserve your tickets to avoid disappointment.

In other work for this year’s Fringe, Smith also directed SOULO, a Soul Circus Collective production currently running at the Robert Gill Theatre. For full schedule info, visit the Fringe site: http://fringetoronto.com

For more info on Tracey Erin Smith and her work, please visit: http://www.soulo.ca/


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