Toronto Fringe – up this week

Hey kids –

Realized my sleep-addled brain left a couple of things out in yesterday’s posts:

During the dinner date scene in One Night, Angela Brown and Nick Stojanovic did an amazing job of dealing with a set malfunction when the table they were eating at collapsed! Nice improving out of the situation, guys.

Before Lizzie and I went to see Mum and the Big C, Lizzie, Laurie and I stopped by the beer tent, where I noticed on the chalk board that Alumnae pal (and fellow GBC Theatre School grad) Tennille Read was about to perform in the Change Room. She performed a lovely, funny and vulnerable character monologue about a woman who’s extremely sensitive to noise.

Up this week – that I know of at this point (there will be more, I just haven’t sorted the scheduling out yet):

Help Yourself at the George Ignatieff Theatre with my pal Kat

Ways to Kill Ethyl at the Factory Theatre Mainspace

The Princess of Porn: The Musical at the Randolph Theatre

Seen anything awesome at Fringe that you’d like to share?

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One thought on “Toronto Fringe – up this week

  1. I think you will enjoy “Ways to Kill Ethyl” and “Princess of Porn” is big fun! My reco is “Tick”, starring Jessica Moss as a determined 10-yr old who plots a revolution with three pals when the City Council threatens to close her local library. The script is witty and topical without being preachy, and Moss is convincing and delightful as Tick. The three other actors play multiple roles, and everyone is super-high-energy – wonderful to watch. The dance sequence near the end blew my socks off.

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