Words, music & dance collide @ Smash Words

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending Smash Words at the Press Club (http://www.thepressclub.ca/) for an evening of queer poetry and cabaret, with a great group of friends. The evening included poetry, spoken word, music and dance, featuring readings and performances by David Bateman, Philip Cairns (who was also our hostess with the mostess), Kirk DeMatas, Brock Hessel, Frank Hull, Kat Leonard, DM Moore and Lizzie Violet. An incredible evening of friends and art. Here are some impressions and photos from the evening, in alphabetical order.

David Bateman – travels and travails with mother, beautiful imagery, with extremely funny and moving moments.

Philip Cairns – a connoisseur of beautiful young men, we’re invited along on his flights of fancy and moments of joy, as well as the darker corners of life as a gay artist/performer.

Kirk DeMatas – poetry of a young man of colour’s struggle, anger and navigating a narrow-minded, racist society – with pride and voice emerging. 

Brock Hessel – funny and insightful stand-up bits, and spoken word – raw and real observations on life as a young gay man. Pride impressions duet read with DM Moore.

Frank Hull – beautifully choreographed dance performed by a man who just happens to be dancing in a wheel chair. Expressive, imaginative and moving.

Kat Leonard (aka Kat and the MP3) – hilarious and heartfelt tunes from her one-woman show A Depper Kind of Love, as well as her personal anthem (till somebody writes her a song) “Asshole” – ‘cuz nobody likes a cake waster.

DM Moore – dark vignettes of how assisting dear friend dying of AIDS helped her come to the realization that she was dying, slowly, from alcoholism. Fond, painful and hilarious memories, personal redemption and tribute to a friend’s spirit.

Lizzie Violet – poetry inspired by mom, friends, love of zombie lore, indefinable relationships and erotic moments. Naughty haiku included.

David Bateman
Philip Cairns
Kirk DeMatas
Brock Hessel
Frank Hull
Kat Leonard
DM Moore
Lizzie Violet

Author: life with more cowbell

Arts/culture social bloggerfly. Out & proud. Torontonian. Likes playing with words. A lot.

9 thoughts on “Words, music & dance collide @ Smash Words”

  1. Oh, man! It’s all true! It was one of those nights where every act entertains, resonates and moves you. I think it’s fair to say that everyone in the room that night (performer or spectator) shines with a glorious light! A night of friendship, truth, hope and love… and really good beer! Veronica, bartender extraordinaire at The Press Club and official beer expert (really! http://www.cicerone.org/pages/why_cicerone) makes sure she has all the special and delicious beers and ciders as well as some standards like 50 for those who’d rather! I’ll be back to The Press Club! Oh, yeah! What a superfantabulous time, everyone! 😀

    1. For sure! Shouts to our lovely bartender Veronica – who was also the sound op for Frank & Kat’s music CDs – for the drinks selection and super friendly service. First time at the Press Club & I like the space a lot – also check out the cool art hanging up there.

  2. It was an incredible night and such an honour to be in the presence of such talented and authentic individuals. Thank you all for sharing your energy!

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