Tea & passion-filled words @ Harvest Noon Café’s PÖtea & Jam

Out again with my lovely friend Lizzie Violet last night, this time for the PÖtea & Jam poetry/spoken word readings at Harvest Noon Café. Upstairs from the GSU pub at UofT (16 Bancroft Ave.), Cassandra Witteman greeted us as we arrived, offering freshly brewed mint tea, among others, and croissants right out of the oven, smelling so good and giving a homey vibe to the place. Harvest Noon is a co-op café – a cozy space with a laid back atmosphere, nestled among some gorgeous old university buildings; you can see the red brick and ivy from a set of large windows facing south.

Lizzie read some of my favourites: two of her zombie pieces (one on being attacked & the other a transformation piece) and two inspired by her mom (including the tongue in cheek one where her mom tells a friend she thought Lizzie was a serial killer in the making), as well as some naughty haikus. Engaging, funny and adept with her words – whether intense, hilarious or erotic – an enjoyable trip for the audience. And I think she may have found some new fans.

Stedmond Pardy read two of his pieces: raw, visceral, passionate, words dancing – sometimes playful, often intense – chronicling hard lives lived on the street, moving with the rhythm of the phrasing and finishing with an ode to Liza Minelli. Look out for Stedmond and his chap book.

Cassandra Witteman’s soft-spoken, rhythmic and melodic poems had a hint of melancholy and a definite erotic vibe, carrying the audience with her words as on a song.

Victor Cirone’s reflection on the end times, words like thoughts aloud, ruminating on death and apocalypse, and not as dark as the subject suggests. Cerebral and lyrical and the same time – poetic food for thought.

Keep your eyes peeled for future poetry nights at Harvest Noon Café. Come out for some tea, some poetry and even read some poetry yourself. In the meantime, drop by for lunch or a snack – check their website for times and other info: http://harvestnoon.com/

Author: life with more cowbell

Arts/culture social bloggerfly. Out & proud. Torontonian. Likes playing with words. A lot.

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